Sendmail TLS SMTP-AUTH – A Quick and Dirty howto

Thanks to: Reliable, flexible, and configurable enough to solve any mail routing needs, sendmail has withstood the test of time, but has become no less daunting in its complexity. Even the most experienced system administrators have found it challenging to configure and difficult to understand. We cut through the chase and describe how to setup sendmail […]

Server Security (Apache, SSL, SSH, cP/WHM, Firewall, RootKit, DDoS Protection)

Thanks to: SUMMARY Upgrade Apache/PHP, MySQL, OpenSSH, OpenSSL, cP/WHM etc  cP/WHM Configuration  SSH Access  Mod_Security  Firewall  DDoS Protection  Rootkit PHP Configuration  Other The End  This  tutorial about web servers security, how to secure web servers… I use Cent OS 5, Apache and cP/WHM and I will explain how to secure them.

How to use GNU Privacy Guard (GPG) – Encrypt, Decrypt, Sign and Verifying identities

Thanks to: GPG or the GNU Privacy Guard is a free and open source software that implements OpenPGP public-key cryptography message format (RFC4880). You can use GPG to encrypt, decrypt, sign and verify files or emails. To use GPG, you need to generate the public-key/private-key pairs in your computer by running this command, and choose […]

How to Secure SSH server from Brute-Force and DDOS with Fail2ban

Thanks to: Fail2ban is a security tool used for preventing brute-force attack and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack to your GNU/Linux box. Fail2ban monitors failed login attempts and subsequently blocks the ip address from further logins. Although Fail2ban can also be used to secure other services in Ubuntu server, in this post, I will […]

Multiple ssh private keys

Thanks to: In quite a few situations its preferred to have ssh keys dedicated for a service or a specific role. Eg. a key to use for home / fun stuff and another one to use for Work things, and another one for Version Control access etc. Creating the keys is simple, just use ssh-keygen […]