How to fix “table is marked as crashed and should be repaired”

Thanks to Power outage or a buggy mysql version could cause this error to appear: Stops any php scripts from running etc.. mysql: Table ‘database/table’ is marked as crashed and should be repaired To fix this, I ran this command via a shell: $ mysqlcheck –all-databases -uroot -p enter the root password, and it goes […]

Import Users to Active Directory from CSV File with Script Powershell

Thanks to Im trying to Import Users to Active Directory Users and Computers. Create File with Excel and save file with format *.CSV (Comma delimited) Create Script Powershell and Save with format *.ps1   Import-Module ActiveDirectory $inputFile = Import-CSV  .\Import-User.csv $log = “.\LOG-Import.log” $date = Get-Date Function createUsers { “Created Following User ( on ” […]

How to Setting Squid on PFSense with Authentiaction LDAP Windows

Thanks to I have Domain Controller running on Windows 2008 R2, then I have PFSense as Firewall and Proxy. All User Access Internet use Proxy, then I want Authentication User Proxy from Domain Controller. Below configuration from PFSense to get Authentication User from Active Directory Windows. 1. Authentication for User   2. Authentication for Group […]

How to recover mysql db from .myd, .myi, .frm files

Thanks to If these are MyISAM tables, then plopping the .FRM, .MYD, and .MYI files into a database directory (e.g.,/var/lib/mysql/dbname) will make that table available. It doesn’t have to be the same database as they came from, the same server, the same MySQL version, or the same architecture. You may also need to change ownership […]

Backup and Restore MySQL Database Using mysqldump

Thanks to mysqldump is an effective tool to backup MySQL database. It creates a *.sql file withDROP table, CREATE table and INSERT intosql-statements of the source database. To restore the database,  execute the *.sql file on destination database.  For MyISAM, usemysqlhotcopy method that we explained earlier, as it is faster for MyISAM tables. Using mysqldump, you can backup a local […]

Test workload of your Web server with Siege

Thanks to One of the great fears for many Web developers, and even more so for Web server admins, is watching their sites brought down by an avalanche of traffic. Learn to stress-test your Web servers with Siege, an open source tool. One of the great fears for many Web developers, and even more so […]

WordPress Performance Server – Debian “squeeze” with Nginx, APC and PHP from the Dotdeb repos

Thanks to This is a step by step guide on how to set up your own unmanaged server or vps to run as a WordPress Performance server environment.  Using this setup you will have the ability to host a large WordPress Multisite set up or numerous single installs.  This guide assumes you have a basic […]

Config Apache with PHP5-fcgi and SuExec

Thanks to Introduction / Abstract Almost every server operator is (at least if he has customers) want to use a Web server or need. In the simplest version with mod-php PHP interpreter with the same rights as the webspace is running. Is convenient, it can read and write everything you need nothing (?) Set. Disadvantage: it […]