SAMBA Active Directory Integration & Adding a machine keytab file and activating password-free kerberized

Thanks Active Directory Integration Related articles Samba Samba/Tips and tricks Samba/Troubleshooting Samba/Advanced file sharing with KDE4 Samba Domain Controller Samba 4 Active Directory Domain Controller OpenChange Server Warning: Because Arch Linux is a rolling release distribution, it is possible that some of the information in this article could be outdated due to package or configuration changes […]

MySQL Master Master Repliction Tutorial

Thank to This tutorial describes how to set up MySQL master-master replication. We need to replicate MySQL servers to achieve high-availability (HA). In my case I need two masters that are synchronized with each other so that if one of them drops down, other could take over and no data is lost. Similarly when the […]

Robocopy and a Few Examples

Thank to   Robocopy Syntax ROBOCOPY <source> <destination> [file…] [options] <source>        Source Directory (local or network path) <destination>  Destination Directory (local or network path) and [file…]              Specifies the file or files to be copied. You can use wildcard characters (* or ?), if you want. If the Fileparameter is not specified, *.* is used as the default value.  **Skip to the end […]