Thanks Added by M. Drobisch 4 months ago hello Openproject-Team, we finally managed to migrate from chiliproject to openproject release/3.0 . We love this create peace of software. Thank you for that. Now we have running Openproject in production, we mentioned slowing down our server rapidly from time to time. In this case we get CPU-workload of 99% […]

How to install CPAN modules

Thanks to Here are some recommended approaches to installing modules from CPAN, as with much of Perl there are several alternatives. Some basics Most Perl modules are written in Perl, some use XS (they are written in C) so require a C compiler (it’s easy to get this setup – don’t panic), see your OS of choice below to find […]

How to set up a clean UTF-8 environment in Linux

Thanks to Many people have problems with handling non-ASCII characters in their programs, or even getting their IRC client or text editor to display them correctly. To efficiently work with text data, your environment has to be set up properly – it is so much easier to debug a problem which has encoding issues if […]

Using UTF-8 in Debian

Thanks to Using UTF-8 in Debian You probably came to this page because you have a character encoding problem of some kind. With the current proliferation of character encodings this is unfortunately way too common. The most effective method to avoid these problems is to pick one character encoding and stick to it. However, if […]

Tutorial: Step By Step how to install OP 3.0 with Apache (“autostart”) on Debian 7.4

Thanks to This tutorial helps you to deploy OP3. Please, aware that: it`s primarily for testing purposes and may contain some security misconfiguration, so consider deploying outside of your local network. there is only 1 requirement you have to meet, that you have to have clean Debian 7.4 x64 install (from netinstall image, minimal installation) […]


  Thanks to 1- Export thành viên từ Group trên domain của mình: Vào Domain CMD sử dụng câu lệnh sau cho từng Group, export vào folder MemGroupOld. cscript ADGrpExIm.vbs -g G_Administration.txt -o D:\MemGroupOld\G_Manuf.txt Phải có file ADGrpExIm.vbs , LÊN MẠNG TẢI ADGrpExIm.vbs : Tên file scripts G_Manuf : Tên group -f: : import -o: […]

Data Loss Prevention with Enterprise Rights Management

Thanks to     Contents Thinking about Data Loss Prevention Building Blocks of Rights Management How Does It Work? Where Are the Holes? Are You Protecting Your Assets? At my day job, I work for a company that makes a whitelisting application, which fundamentally reverses the typical security approach that protects your computer. There’s another approach […]

Installing Perl Modules

Thanks to LiveJournal requires several Perl modules to be installed. Installing these modules requires a fully working perl and C development environment (including a C compiler and make tool). Note Some modules such as GD and Compress::Zlib require certain system libraries to be pre-installed on your machine. Please read the author-provided README files for each module before proceeding further. This may mean […]

Installing Redmine in a Shared cPanel Environment

Thanks to After experiencing the joys of no project management (i.e. rewrite after rewrite) I decided it was time to look into some open source, web based project management solutions. After searching the interweb, not only at what people were saying but also at what other projects were using, I decided to give the Ruby […]

Installing Subversion And Configuring Access Through Different Protocols On Debian Squeeze

Thanks to Subversion (svn) is an open-source version control system (VCS), used in the development of many software projects. This tutorial shows how to install Subversion on Debian Squeeze and how to configure it to allow access to a repository through different protocols: file://, http://, https://, svn://, and svn+ssh://. I do not issue any guarantee that this will work for you! […]