How to generate a certificate revocation list (CRL) and revoke certificates This tutorial is part of a series on being your own certificate authority, which was written for Fedora but should also work on CentOS/RHEL or any other Linux distribution. In the first tutorial of the series, we explored how to act as a certificate authority. We also learnt how to create and sign SSL […]

How to install Seafile with MySQL, Apache and HTTPS on Ubuntu 12.04 64bit We’re going to install it into /opt/seafile directory. cd /opt mkdir seafile cd seafile wget tar -xzf seafile-server_2.0.1_x86-64.tar.gz mkdir installed mv seafile-server_2.0.1_x86-64.tar.gz installed You should have now the following directory structure: If you don’t have MySQL Server already installed, go ahead and install it (answer Yes and set a root password when prompted): apt-get […]

Visual studio 2012 project creation failed Question: I have successfully installed Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows Desktop. Whenever I try to create new C++ project it says: … projet creation failed. Whenever I try to create Visual Basic project message box says: Visual Studio does not have permissions to read the template information from the system registry. This is […]