Test sending mail to your SMTP connector using Powershell

https://www.msdigest.net/2011/09/test-sending-mail-to-your-smtp-connector-using-powershell/   As a consultant I often test SMTP connectors on Exchange. There are several ways of doing this. There is the good old way of using telnet, ExchangePro has a great article describing the Telnet way of testing you SMTP connection: http://exchangeserverpro.com/how-to-send-email-via-telnet The other way of testing if a SMTP connector works on Exchange […]

Faster Samba (SMB / CIFS) Share Performance

http://www.eggplant.pro/blog/faster-samba-smb-cifs-share-performance/ Is your Samba slow? Samba file sharing is great, but performance under Samba’s default configuration is fairly poor. Here are a few options that I add to my smb.conf to get the speed that I need: # FORCE THE DISK SYSTEM TO ALLOCATE REAL STORAGE BLOCKS WHEN # A FILE IS CREATED OR EXTENDED […]

Sending CollectD Metrics to Graphite

http://blog.matthewdfuller.com/2014/06/sending-collectd-metrics-to-graphite.html There are no shortage of tutorials on setting up collectd as an agent on a machine. However, I have found little help in the way of describing how to setup a centralized collectd collection server that aggregates statistics from multiple clients and sends them to Graphite. This post will help you do just that. […]

SQL Server is started but didn’t listen on any port

http://dba.stackexchange.com/questions/54767/sql-server-is-started-but-didnt-listen-on-any-port Question: I newly installed SQL Server 2012. No database created yet. And I can open the Management Studio with sa/password. The Binn\sqlservr.exe is started as a service and I can see it started in the service list. However, it didn’t listening the 1433 port, or even, not listening any port by default, as I […]