How to Repair, Restore, or Reinstall Grub 2 with a Ubuntu Live CD or USB Grub 2 typically gets overridden when you install Windows or another Operating System. To make Ubuntu control the boot process, you need Reinstall (Repair/Restore) Grub using a Ubuntu Live CD.   Warning Using the sudo command, especially from a Live CD can do serious damage to your system. Read all instructions and confirm you […]

How to upgrade my HDD and keep my ubuntu 11.10 instalation Q: hat is the best way to upgrade my 200 gb HDD to a new one of 500 gb but – and this is the tricky part – keep my ubuntu instalation. I curently have 2 partitions hda1 with the ubuntu 11.10 instalation and another partition hda5 with the home folder. On the new […]

Postfix server setup This step of the howto assumes you’ve already set up Dovecot to provide authentication and local delivery services. This page describes the setup for Postfix, TLS, and Amavis + SpamAssassin + ClamAV. Dovecot, and Sieve setup are on theDovecot server setup page. Squirrelmail setup is described in the Web server setup page, along with […]

Dovecot server setup Configuring email is the most involved part of setting up a server. My setup is organised with: Postfix as a mail transfer agent, using virtual users with maildir-style mailboxes, and TLS transport SpamAssassin for spam filtering ClamAV for virus filtering Amavis to wrap SpamAssassin and ClamAV for easy use with Postfix Dovecot as a […]

Exim – dovecot -Roundcube with Sieve (mail filtering language) Sieve (mail filtering language) Originally Posted by From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Sieve is a programming language that can be used to create filters for email. It owes its creation to the CMU Cyrus Project, creators of Cyrus IMAP server. Used software and its versions DirectAdmin: 1.40.3 Exim: 4.77 dovecot: 2.1.3 RoundCube webmail: […]

Transfer file between 2 host via ssh with tar

Push copy to remote : cd $SOME_DIR ; tar -cf – . | ssh tar -xf – -C /destination Pull copy/baskup to local: With progress display (when we installed pv ) ssh user@from-remote-server “tar czpf – /some/important/data” | pv | tar xzpf – -C /new/root/directory Other ways: rsync Here is the rsync I use, […]

How to install sieve for dovecot on CentOS 6? Dovecot is a very powerful mail imap and po3 mail server. It also has a Sieve server integrated. We describe here in 3 steps how to install sieve for dovecot on a CentOS 6 linux distribution. This howto assume that dovecot is already running as well a mta server like postfix, exim or sendmail. […]

Simple Mailserver With Postfix, Dovecot, And Sieve On Debian The following tutorial describes how to set up a simple mailserver using Postfix as MTA, Dovecot as MDA and the awesome Sieve for sorting mails. The starting point is a freshly installed server with Debian on which you have got either access to the administrative user or sudo rights. First, install the necessary packages: […]