PowerShell and IIS: 20 Practical Examples

https://octopus.com/blog/iis-powershell At Octopus Deploy, we do a ton of work with IIS. If you add up the deployment telemetry from all of our customers, we’ve done over a million deployments of web sites and services. We’ve learned a lot along the way, about both how to use the PowerShell IIS modules and how they work […]

PSPing test

https://ss64.com/nt/psping.html Measure network performance. In addition to standard ICMP ping functionality, PsPing can report the latency of connecting to TCP ports, the latency of TCP round-trip communication between systems, and the TCP bandwidth available to a connection between systems. Besides obtaining min, max, and average values in 0.01ms resolution, you can also use PsPing to […]

Install Chocolatey – Package Nuget

https://chocolatey.org/install#install-using-nugetexe-from-powershell https://chocolatey.org/packages Set-ExecutionPolicy AllSigned; iwr https://chocolatey.org/install.ps1 -UseBasicParsing | iex choco install -y far 7zip filezilla firefox notepadplusplus git pstools setacl-studio microsoft-message-analyzer wireshark vcredist2010 vcredist2015

Creating a Server 2012 Golden Image with Sysprep and VMWare Workstation

https://willcode4foodblog.wordpress.com/2013/03/20/creating-a-server-2012-golden-image-with-sysprep-and-vmware-workstation/ https://willcode4foodblog.wordpress.com/2013/03/22/creating-a-server-2012-golden-image-with-sysprep-and-vmware-workstation-part-2-of-2/ Ready…Set…Syspr-WAIT! In my last post, I walked through how I got my “Golden Image” ready for Sysprep by updating through Windows Updates, and also went through and customized the system to my preferences, including adding BGInfo and getting my icons in place. Now before we begin, there’s one last thing we want to do before […]

Disable autorun Win7

http://www.thewindowsclub.com/enable-disable-autoplay-windows Registry Editor The same can also be achieved by editing the Registry. Run regedit and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer In the RHS, you will see dword NoDriveTypeAutoRun. You will see default value 60 or 3C. Right-click on it and give it a decimal value 255 (or Hexadecimal value 000000FF). Exit regedit. Reboot. This will disable AutoRun on all drives.  


http://theitbros.com/sysprep-windows-10-machine-guide/ https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/3020-customize-windows-10-image-audit-mode-sysprep.html http://www.urtech.ca/2015/12/solved-how-to-build-a-windows-10-image-using-sysprep-and-customize-the-default-profile/ Windows 10 and 8 use a substantially different process to create images than what I had used in Windows XP and 7.  Fortunately it is not rocket science.  The four big differences are: You MUST remove the ‘Modern apps’ (anything from the ‘Store’) from the profile you are using to create your image If […]

WinPE: Store or split images to deploy Windows using a single USB drive

https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/manufacture/desktop/winpe–use-a-single-usb-key-for-winpe-and-a-wim-file—wim How can you deploy Windows to PCs with just one USB port? The default Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE) drive format, FAT32, is used to boot UEFI-based PCs, but that’s too small to store most Windows images: FAT32 has a maximum file size of 4GB in size. Most customized Windows images are over 4GB. FAT32 […]