Windows 10 bootable USB Stick with UEFI support Requirements: 4 Gb USB stick/flash drive Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise/Education Installation files (either their own image, MSDN or from the Volume Licensing website) A PC or tablet! Make a bootable USB flash drive using DISKPARTRun CMD.EXE as an administrator (Win-X then A), then run DISKPART with the following commands (not case-sensitive): Command What it does LIST DISK                 Shows all mounted disks.  […]

Create a Windows 10 reference image – MDT Creating a reference image is important because that image serves as the foundation for the devices in your organization. In this topic, you will learn how to create a Windows 10 reference image using the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT). You will create a deployment share, configure rules and settings, and import all the applications […]

Creating an Offline MDT Deployment Media Everything is working fine in your main office, you capture, you deploy, you migrate, but you have a bunch of small branch offices (10-20 PC’s) with limited bandwidth where you need to do the same thing. Well…you could just tell the people in those offices to leave their desktops and laptops on and deploy or migrate those […]

How to Configure IIS SMTP Server to relay with authentication The following KB article describes how to use Microsoft’s SMTP engine in IIS.  It is intended to lay out guidelines for how to send email off your existing externally hosted email server.  You will need to obtain the following email settings before this can be setup.  Your mail server may require certain encryption settings […]