Configuration Management vs Change Management To my understanding, both configuration and change management systems are component of the organisation project management information system. However, the configuration management system consists of documented procedures employ in identifying, documenting and controlling changes to functional and physical characteristics of a product, service and results, including tracking system and approval level. On the other […]

How To Install and Manage Supervisor on Ubuntu and Debian VPS Introduction In many VPS environments, it is often the case that you will have a number of small programs that you want to run persistently, whether these be small shell scripts, Node.js apps, or any large-sized packages. Conventionally, you may write a init script for each of these programs, but this can quickly become […]

Get-Event log on Powershell

View all type of log on Window Get-EventLog -list Max(K) Retain OverflowAction Entries Log —— —— ————– ——- — 20,480 0 OverwriteAsNeeded 1,104 Application 20,480 0 OverwriteAsNeeded 0 HardwareEvents 20,480 0 OverwriteAsNeeded 0 Key Management Service 128 0 OverwriteAsNeeded 14 OAlerts 5,056 7 OverwriteOlder 0 PRTG Network Monitor 20,480 0 OverwriteAsNeeded 4,766 Security 20,480 0 […]

Topic: psping – udp rem server psping -u -4 -f -s rem client psping -u -4 PsPing v2.01 – PsPing – ping, latency, bandwidth measurement utility Copyright (C) 2012-2014 Mark Russinovich Sysinternals – TCP connect to 5 iterations (warmup 1) connecting test: Connecting to (warmup): 1.43ms Connecting to 0.89ms Connecting to […]

PSPing example icmp fast ping (50) psping -i 0 -n 50 tcp ping psping -i 0 -n 10 tcp server for latency and bandwidth tests psping -s tcp latency test (8KB) psping -l 8k -n 1000 tcp bandwidth test psping -b -l 8k -n 30s psping -b -l 2M -n 10s […]