Installing SFTP/SSH Server on Windows using OpenSSH

Natively from Microsoft  Working with Cywin (so we could use password less and rsync backup from window to linux box) : Recently, Microsoft has released an early version of OpenSSH for Windows. You can use the package to set up an SFTP/SSH server on Windows. Installing SFTP/SSH Server Setting up SSH public key authentication Connecting to the server […]

Tools to check website – dns – email hosting status

DNS health check: Website check: Check IP whitelist: Azure speed test: AWS speedtest: Linode speed test: Free & Public DNS Servers (Valid January 2018) Provider Primary DNS Server Secondary DNS Server Level31 […]

Automating Backups using AWS Lambda When thinking about Cloud Services, backup is something normally not taken into consideration because we hear lots of “ephemeral”, “self-healing”, “repositories” words. Sometimes, applications need to be backed up in order to achieve a RTO that suits customer’s business objectives. Automation is key under these concepts, so with this document we want to indicate […]

Integration of pmacct with ElasticSearch and Kibana In this post I want to show a solution based on a script (pmacct-to-elasticsearch) that I made to gather data from pmacct and visualize them using Kibana/ElasticSearch. It’s far from being the state of the art of IP accounting solutions, but it may be used as a starting point for further customizations and developments. I plan […]

Git Memo – Repository Backup file-system copy A git repository can be safely copied to an other directory, or put in an archive file. This is a very basic way of keeping a backup of your repo. cp -r myrepo backup_copy tar -czf backup_copy.tgz myrepo But such a frozen copy can not be updated. git bundle Git bundle […]