Add/remove passphrase to a private key Of course you can add/remove a passphrase at a later time. add one (assuming it was an rsa key, else use dsa) openssl rsa -aes256 -in your.key -out your.encrypted.key mv your.encrypted.key your.key the -aes256 tells openssl to encrypt the key with AES256. As ArianFaurtosh has correctly pointed out: For the encryption algorithm you can use aes128, aes192, aes256, camellia128, camellia192, camellia256, des (which you definitely should avoid), des3 or idea remove it […]

How to detect changes in a directory with Bash Sometimes it may be useful to have a script detect whether the contents in a directory have changed since the last time script was run, but excluding some of the files or directories inside. This may be used, among other things, to make backups, for example: there are situations where, instead of doing incremental backups, one […]