rclone serve restic

https://rclone.org/commands/rclone_serve_restic/ https://rclone.org/s3/ Serve the remote for restic’s REST API. Synopsis rclone serve restic implements restic’s REST backend API over HTTP. This allows restic to use rclone as a data storage mechanism for cloud providers that restic does not support directly. Restic is a command line program for doing backups. The server will log errors. Use -v […]

How I back up my servers using restic

https://angristan.xyz/backup-servers-using-restic-wasabi-object-storage/ Automatise the backups using bash and cron On my servers, I have a backup script that looks like this: Easy right? I execute the script at night with some nice and ionice: And we’re done! Bonus: an Ansible playbook to industrialise all of this This is a custom playbook that suits my needs, but […]