Nmap Cheat Sheet

https://hackertarget.com/nmap-cheatsheet-a-quick-reference-guide/ Nmap has a multitude of options and when you first start playing with this excellent tool it can be a bit daunting. In this cheat sheet you will find a series of practical example commands for running Nmap and getting the most of this powerful tool. Keep in mind that this cheat sheet merely […]

OSSEC rule to detect new run keys added to the registry

https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/ossec-list/xgkBnuyJ6ek Q: I’m wondering if anyone has created (or could help me) create an OSSEC rule to detect new additions to the “run” keys in the registry. The goal is to detect malware and fileless malware adding run keys to the registry. If anyway has started creating rules for fileless malware detection that would be great […]

Advanced DDoS Protection Service

https://www.cloudflare.com/ddos/ Denial-of-service (DoS) attacks are on the rise and have evolved into complex and overwhelming security challenges for organizations large and small. Although DoS attacks are not a recent phenomenon, the methods and resources available to conduct and mask such attacks have dramatically evolved to include distributed (DDoS) and, more recently, distributed reflector (DRDoS) attacks—attacks […]

Linux Performance

http://www.brendangregg.com/linuxperf.html http://techblog.netflix.com/2014/12/introducing-atlas-netflixs-primary.html http://techblog.netflix.com/2015/04/introducing-vector-netflixs-on-host.html http://netflix.github.io/ https://github.com/Netflix/vector http://techblog.netflix.com/2014/11/zerotodocker-easy-way-to-evaluate.html Dtrace: http://crtags.blogspot.com/ http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14375364/dtrace-on-ubuntu-how-to Systemtap: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/hardy/man1/stap.1.html App Dev Monitor/debug: https://www.takipi.com/

How can I detect a DDoS attack using pfSense so I can tell my ISP who to block?

http://serverfault.com/questions/414085/how-can-i-detect-a-ddos-attack-using-pfsense-so-i-can-tell-my-isp-who-to-block Q: I am under DDoS. What can I do? : Last week my network was hit by a DDoS attack which completely saturated our 100 MBps link to the internet and pretty much shut down all the sites and services we host. I understand (from this experience as well as other answers) that I cannot handle a […]

How to Manage ‘Systemd’ Services and Units Using ‘Systemctl’ in Linux

http://www.tecmint.com/manage-services-using-systemd-and-systemctl-in-linux/ https://blog.sleeplessbeastie.eu/2015/04/27/how-to-manage-system-services-on-debian-jessie/ Systemctl is a systemd utility which is responsible for Controlling the systemd system and service manager. Systemd is a collection of system management daemons, utilities and libraries which serves as a replacement of System V init daemon. Systemd functions as central management and configuration platform for UNIX like system. In the Linux Ecosystem Systemd has been implemented on most of the standard Linux […]