Create RAID with LVM Many Linux users have created RAID arrays using mdadm and do not realize that you can also create a RAID array without it by using LVM. Installing LVM You may need to install the LVM packages in order to build these arrays. sudo apt-get install lvm2 Copy to clipboard Creating RAID 0 sudo vgcreate […]

How to Enable /etc/rc.local with Systemd f you are running a Linux distro that use Systemd, then you may find that your command in /etc/rc.local file would not run on system boot. This guide explains how to enable /etc/rc.local script to run on system start. The problem If you type the following command in terminal: sudo systemctl status rc-local You […]

ZFS: Read Me 1st Things Nobody Told You About ZFS Yes, it’s back. You may also notice it is now hosted on my Blogger page – just don’t have time to deal with self-hosting at the moment, but I’ve made sure the old URL redirects here. So, without further adieu.. Foreword I will be updating this article over time, […]

How to add a existing user to existing group using Add existing user tony to ftp supplementary/secondary group with the usermod command using the -a option ~ i.e. add the user to the supplemental group(s). Use only with -G option: # usermod -a -G ftp tony In this example, change tony user’s primary group to www, enter: # usermod -g www tony