OEM installation and image Ubuntu 18.04

You can boot the Ubuntu installer in OEM mode to achieve the result you are after. When you boot the installation media, hit SHIFT to get to the installation menu, then hit F4 and select ‘OEM Install’. When Ubuntu has finished booting install the system as usual, you will be prompted for a temporary username […]

Enable remote desktop on ubuntu 16.04

https://www.krizna.com/ubuntu/enable-remote-desktop-ubuntu-16-04-vnc/ This article explains how to enable remote desktop on ubuntu 16.04 server and cloud versions. Maybe it can be used for desktop versions. We are going to use VNC package to enable remote desktop connection. So here we can see about installing and configuring VNC service on ubuntu 16.04. Package installation First of all […]

Quickly copy a GPT partition scheme from one hard drive to another?

https://askubuntu.com/questions/57908/how-can-i-quickly-copy-a-gpt-partition-scheme-from-one-hard-drive-to-another On a non GPT partition table I can do sfdisk -d /dev/sda | sfdisk /dev/sdb. But sfdisk doesn’t support GPT partition tables. What can I use instead? Solution for GPT: Install gdisk which is available in the Ubuntu Universe repositories. Then use the sgdisk command (man page here) to replicate the partition table: sgdisk /dev/sdX -R /dev/sdY sgdisk -G /dev/sdY […]

Create RAID with LVM

https://blog.programster.org/create-raid-with-lvm Many Linux users have created RAID arrays using mdadm and do not realize that you can also create a RAID array without it by using LVM. Installing LVM You may need to install the LVM packages in order to build these arrays. sudo apt-get install lvm2 Copy to clipboard Creating RAID 0 sudo vgcreate […]

How to Enable /etc/rc.local with Systemd

https://www.linuxbabe.com/linux-server/how-to-enable-etcrc-local-with-systemd f you are running a Linux distro that use Systemd, then you may find that your command in /etc/rc.local file would not run on system boot. This guide explains how to enable /etc/rc.local script to run on system start. The problem If you type the following command in terminal: sudo systemctl status rc-local You […]

ZFS: Read Me 1st

http://nex7.blogspot.com/2013/03/readme1st.html Things Nobody Told You About ZFS Yes, it’s back. You may also notice it is now hosted on my Blogger page – just don’t have time to deal with self-hosting at the moment, but I’ve made sure the old URL redirects here. So, without further adieu.. Foreword I will be updating this article over time, […]