Create Haskintos USB

Step 1: Down load Unibeat anh MultiBeat from Step 2: Download Mac OS HighSierra from app Store ( not the full image/package) Step 3:  After down load HighSierra from step 2, run these command to prepare/create img file for Unibeat: Open Terminal and run: sudo -s Enter admin credentials to gain root access and cut-n-paste […]

S3cmd S3 Sync How-To Program S3cmd can transfer files to and from Amazon S3 in two basic modes: Unconditional transfer — all matching files are uploaded to S3 (put operation) or downloaded back from S3 (get operation). This is similar to a standard unix cp command that also copies whatever it’s told to. Conditional transfer — only files that don’t exist at the destination in the same version […]

Duplicity + S3: easy, cheap, encrypted, automated full-disk backups for your servers Backups are one of those things that are important, but that a lot of people don’t do. The thought of setting up backups always raised a mental barrier for me for a number of reasons: I have to think about where to backup to. I have to remember to run the backup on a […]

Automatic backup MSSQL Server to Amazon S3 In this article we will explain of how to set up automatic backup of Microsoft SQL Server to Amazon S3. The method described in this article works well for all editions of MSSQL Server, including Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition. We use Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio to generate backup script. If you do not have this […]

Tools to check website – dns – email hosting status

DNS health check: Website check: Check IP whitelist: Azure speed test: AWS speedtest: Linode speed test: Free & Public DNS Servers (Valid January 2018) Provider Primary DNS Server Secondary DNS Server Level31 […]

Automating Backups using AWS Lambda When thinking about Cloud Services, backup is something normally not taken into consideration because we hear lots of “ephemeral”, “self-healing”, “repositories” words. Sometimes, applications need to be backed up in order to achieve a RTO that suits customer’s business objectives. Automation is key under these concepts, so with this document we want to indicate […]

Integration of pmacct with ElasticSearch and Kibana In this post I want to show a solution based on a script (pmacct-to-elasticsearch) that I made to gather data from pmacct and visualize them using Kibana/ElasticSearch. It’s far from being the state of the art of IP accounting solutions, but it may be used as a starting point for further customizations and developments. I plan […]