Install LNMP with script Tuxlite


Hi. You bought a new VPS. And if you want to build LNMP server faster. I recommended you use TuxLite script.

LNMP stand for Linux Nginx MySQL and PHP and this case we use Ubuntu (or Debian) Nginx MySQL PHP5. First we need correct and update linux system ( Ubuntu and Debian)

Correct hostname

  1. apt-get update
  2. apt-get install git
  3. git clone
  4. cd TuxLite

Then edit config file

Open file and delete those line

  1. echo ""
  2. echo "Installing updates & configuring SSHD / hostname."
  3. sleep 5
  4. ./ basic

Open file options.conf

  1. #Fill your server detail, example
  2. HOSTNAME=sv1
  5. SSHD_PORT=22
  6. # phpMyAdmin = 1, Adminer = 2
  7. DB_GUI=2
  8. # Enable or disable AWStats. Options = yes|no

Open file nginx.conf then uncomment this line server_names_hash_bucket_size 64; Ok Now we will make all scripts executable.

  1. chmod 700 *.sh
  2. chmod 700 options.conf

Install LAMP or LNMP stack.pls wait to finishing.


Add a new Linux user and add domains to the user.

  1. adduser johndoe
  2. ./ add johndoe
  3. ./ add johndoe

Install Adminer or phpMyAdmin

./ dbgui

Enable/disable public viewing of Adminer/phpMyAdmin

  1. ./ dbgui on
  2. ./ dbgui off

#Install and enable Varnish. Do not use Varnish unless you know #how to configure the VCL.

  1. ./ install
  2. ./ on
  3. ./ off

#Post Install

#Your install is complete and your site works. Great! Now what? As #a responsible sysadmin you will need to perform some maintenance #and post install procedures.

  1. #Occasionally update your server using
  1. aptitude update
  2. aptitude safe-upgrade
  1. #Set up cronjobs to backup your databases and sites. The script can do this for you. Remember to download and #keep copies of your sites locally.
  2. #Enable/Disable phpMyAdmin and AWstats from being publicly #accessible. This is to prevent brute force attacks on your #server. Enable only when you need them.
  3. #Consider tweaking configurations to better utilize the amount #of memory available to your server. Read the readme for #respective web stacks for more information on config files to edit.
  4. #Install Fail2Ban to protect your server from brute force SSH #login attempts.
  5. `aptitude install fail2ban`
  6. #Install DDOS Deflate script to mitigate denial of service attacks. Refer here

Install LNMP with TuxLite script