Upgrading your OpenProject installation


Note: this guide only applies if you’ve installed OpenProject using our DEB/RPM packages.

Upgrading OpenProject is as easy as installing a newer OpenProject package and running the openproject configure command.

Debian / Ubuntu

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install --only-upgrade openproject
sudo openproject configure


sudo yum update
sudo yum install openproject
sudo openproject configure


sudo zypper update openproject
sudo openproject configure

Re-configuring the application

Using openproject configure, the wizard will display new steps that you weren’t available or configured in previous installations. If you want to perform changes to your configuration or are unsure what steps are available, you can safely run openproject reconfigure to walk through the entire configuration process again.

Note that this still takes previous values into consideration. Values that should not change from your previous configurations can be skipped by pressing <Return>. This also applies for steps with passwords, which are shown as empty even though they may have a value. Skipping those steps equals to re-use the existing value.



How to configure OpenProject

sudo openproject configure

How to reconfigure OpenProject

sudo openproject reconfigure

How to stop / start / restart OpenProject

sudo service openproject [start|stop|restart|status]

How to check that everything is correctly set up

sudo openproject run check

How to backup all OpenProject data

sudo openproject run backup

Always restart openproject after reconfiguration: sudo service openproject restart.

How to view the logs

sudo openproject logs [--tail]

sudo openproject run web 

How to see the environment configuration

sudo openproject config

How to run the Rails console

sudo openproject run console

How to run a rake task

sudo openproject run rake [task]