Fix error : Network local domain (unauthenticated)

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PROBLEM : The laptop i use at work uses dhcp and NIC cards connection to the WiFi access point went from great to rotten . The link was showing that the domain link was unauthenticated.There’s internet access and network is showing that its ok but no internet acess I had installed a proxy software called hotspot shield. Nice idea it shields every internet connection in your computer and passes it through a proxy server protecting everything that you do.I think it made my connection go bad.Only logging off then logging on to the machine would help .That’s just like restarting . Tried solving it like it was an ip address conflicts so I treated it as such and tried resolving it that way.

ipconfig  /release
ipconfig  /renew

resets the link and its good for now.If the problem persists these are worthwile commands i found after troubleshooting my laptop

netsh winsock reset catalog
netsh int ipv4 reset reset.log
netsh int ipv6 reset teset.log

then reboot this may work .Holla if it does nice to know.

after 30 min………………………
That didnt work back to trying to get this thing working again. Tried the three commands I found on the internet and so far so good.
And it actualy works .And thats what we call a great tutorial.

Other way on win 8:

You just turn On the Download over metered connections from your PC Settings->Devices->Download over metered connections