Create Haskintos USB

Step 1: Down load Unibeat anh MultiBeat from

Step 2: Download Mac OS HighSierra from app Store ( not the full image/package)

Step 3:  After down load HighSierra from step 2, run these command to prepare/create img file for Unibeat:

Open Terminal and run: sudo -s
Enter admin credentials to gain root access and cut-n-paste the following 3 commands

mkdir /Applications/Install\ macOS\ High\
cd /macOS\ Install\ Data
find . -mount | cpio -pvdm /Applications/Install\ macOS\ High\

PS: Wait /enter until it complete


Step4: Insearch a 16GB USB and format it with GUID / Extend Journal Mac

Step 5:  run Unibeat and create USB installer of MacOS

Step 6: on the PC need to install MacOS , boot to Bios and set EFI boot, AHCI Sata mode…

Step 7: Boot from USB installer of MacOS  and install MacOS

Step 8: Install multibeat on HDD

Full instruction over here: