restic with MinIO Server

restic is a fast, efficient and secure backup tool. It is an open source project available under BSD 2-Clause License.

In this recipe we will learn how to use restic to backup data into MinIO Server.

1. Prerequisites

Install MinIO Server from here.

2. Installation

Install restic from

3. Configuration

Set MinIO credentials in the environment variables as shown below.


4. Commands

Start restic and point it to the bucket where the backup data will reside.

Copy./restic -r s3:http://localhost:9000/resticbucket init

Copy backups from the local machine to the bucket on MinIO server.

Copy./restic -r s3:http://localhost:9000/resticbucket backup /home/minio/workdir/Docs/
enter password for repository:
scan [/home/minio/workdir/Docs]
scanned 2 directories, 6 files in 0:00
[0:00] 100.00%  0B/s  8.045 KiB / 8.045 KiB  6 / 8 items  0 errors  ETA 0:00
duration: 0:00, 0.06MiB/s
snapshot 85a9731a saved