Cloud Design Patterns: Prescriptive Architecture Guidance for Cloud Applications

MSDN Cloud Design Patterns

The patterns & practices team at Microsoft has collected twenty-four design patterns that are relevant when designing the architecture of a cloud application.  Each pattern includes a brief discussion of the benefits, considerations and implementation of each pattern.  The collection of patterns is not meant to be comprehensive and is instead focused on the most popular design patterns for cloud applications.

The guide consists of a collection of web pages each individually focused on a pattern.  The pages are broken down into sections describing the problem domain, a high-level technical solution, how this patterns solves the problem, considerations when using the pattern, an example implementing the pattern and when the pattern is suitable. The patterns included in this guide can be used in many ways including:

  • Implement the sample code as a starting point for your own cloud application
  • Use the Context, Problem and Solution sections of a pattern’s web page as discussion points during an architectural design session
  • Use the Example section of a pattern’s web page to teach colleagues about a design pattern
  • Use the Issues and Considerations section of a pattern’s web page to identify common issues in your problem space

The remainder of this module will focus on a subset of patterns from the Cloud Design Patterns documentation and explain why they are important to understand and how they relate to the decisions you will make as an Azure architect.