PHP with WinCache on IIS

Install WinCache with PHP on IIS. In this article you’ll learn how to install PHP with Windows Cache Extension (WinCache) on Windows Server IIS. WinCache enabled PHP gives a great PHP performance boost for your WordPress, Drupal or Joomla website, and decreases CPU usage. This post will show you it’s not hard to set up high performance PHP on Windows Server (IIS). And as a bonus, we’ll dive into Windows TCP/IP tuning too. Learn how this very blog optimized it’s PHP hosting on Windows!

Install PHP and WinCache on IIS #

What is the Windows Cache Extension (WinCache)? WinCache is a great addition for your PHP configuration on Windows Server. High performance PHP application hosting on IIS 😉 However, over the years, problems were reported with either the installation and configuration of the Windows Cache (WinCache), or even with buggy versions. Just search for examples.